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About us
Qirus LTD started in 2004 and offered shared hosting and domain names. In early 2005 these services were sold and we started offering dedicated servers and co-location services. Strong growth and several takeovers have enabled us to have several company names in 2009. At the end of that year, the choice was made to combine all of these company names to one new brand. Qirus.

The name Qirus derives from the word Kiirus which in Estonian means speed. Our quick reply to questions, fast servers, speedy network and of course the speed in which we have grown over the past several years all stand in line with Kiirus. The company Qirus does really stand for speed.

Our goal is simple; satisfied customers. As long as our clients are satisfied, we are. To achieve this goal we combine high quality with good service and a very competitive price. Personal service, uptime guarantees and high end equipment have been the basis of this company for 8 years, and we feel proud to be a part of it each and every day.

Qirus has her own servers, switches and racks. Everything is maintained by us and we do not resell any of our services. This enables us to keep costs low, but also makes sure that we can respond to issues in a timely fashion. We are also very flexible when it comes to providing custom made services. If your desired product is not on the website, feel free to contact us. We offer complete custom hosting/server solutions.

The network in which your servers are placed are a very big part of the quality that we offer to our clients. We use the Serverius network in our own Serverius data centre in Dronten. Our network has complete redundancy and uses glass fibre internet connections. Our own switches are connected to a double 10 Gb connection. The BGP4 protocol always ensures the quickest route to the connection's destination. The network currently houses the following connections:

- 10 Gbit Cogent
- 10 Gbit Level(3)
- 10 Gbit Atrato

- 10 Gbit NL-ix
- 10 gbit Intelliquent
Dell 7048 switch

You can test the speed of our network by downloading a test file. We do remind you to bear in mind the maximum speed of your connection and the maximum writing speed of your hard disk. You can click here to download a 1000 MB test file.

Of course Qirus LTD is ready for the future, therefore we provide all our services with both IPv4 and IPv6! Each dedicated server customer will receive his own /64 IPv6 range (65536 addresses), we also supply every VPS with 100 IPv6 addresses.

Of course you can set reverse DNS for both IPv4 and IPv6 realtime in our control panel, and trough our API.


Our data centre is a very important part of the services that we offer. In 2011 we have moved from Amsterdam to our new Serverius data centre in Dronten. This data centre has redundancy and uses state of the art back up generators, security and cooling systems. Every month randomly selected systems in our data centre are thoroughly tested to guarantee continuity. To date our data centre has a 100% uptime. In august 2012 Serverius received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Rij racks op de datavloer

The data centre is located at the following address: De Linge 26 te Dronten, The Netherlands. Tours of our data centre are available upon request.


  Uptime guarantee
The cooling and power systems, as well as the network, have redundancy. This enables us to guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. But we strive to maintain our 100% score every single day. Please keep in mind that maintenance announced 24 hours prior does not fall under the uptime guarantee. As of today, we have kept the downtime due to network maintenance down to a whopping 3 minutes!

  Company details
Qirus LTD is registered with the Dutch Chamber Of Commerce and can be found with the following data:

Company name: Qirus LTD
Chamber of commerce: 01166364
EU VAT-id: NL-8214.85.064.B01

Verify our Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number here.
Verify our EU VAT-id here.

Payment details are listed on the invoice.

Below you will find several important documents. These can be applicable to the services that we provide. Be sure to read through these documents before you use any of our services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

- Terms and conditions
- Privacy statement
- Disclaimer
- Datacenter rules

These documents are in PDF format. A PDF reader can be downloaded at If you you like to receive the document in another format, please contact us.